duplicate, 2002
still images from dual channel video projection
dimensions variable

Duplicate is a dual channel video projection where each projection appears as though a mirrored reflection of the other. Its minimalist set contains identical props. Each projection frames the back of a white leather love seat. The positioning obscures the viewer’s reading of scale and form, so it appears as both a love seat and a bathtub.

Two women one blonde and one brunette each occupy one of the opposing projections. They sit upright at one end of the love seat and dangle their feet over the other end. At first it appears as though each woman is alone in her space, but on closer inspection the relationship between each of the torsos and legs becomes unconvincing. The body appears impossibly long and contorted and it is obvious that there are two players in each scenario. The trick is both simultaneously concealed and revealed.

The monotonous repetition and stillness of the video allow it to function as an illuminated photograph rather than a narrative video.

all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007